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The growth of the Jonesboro AR area real estate market has demanded new home construction.  From Jonesboro, Bono, Brookland to Paragould, new home construction has been growing. It is true that building permits are not quite like they once were, but a lot of growth is here.  Some buyers do not see the value of using a real estate agent in the new home construction process. It might not seem necessary to involve a Realtor in a transaction where you can deal directly with a builder. Think again!  Below are just some of the valued services I can bring to your new home transaction.


Keeping You In Line With Your Goals and Objectives

During your buyer's interview process, I find it very helpful to ask you several "lifestyle" questions, your likes and your dislikes. I will also discuss with you your "needs", your "wants" and your "desires". Based on your budget, together we will find you a community to build in that will answer all of your needs and most of your wants and desires. In your discussion with the builder, a good agent will always bring you back to your goals and objectives. More importantly, your budget. It is very easy to go above your allocated budget, so I will act as the "alarm" to tell you that you are going above what you originally planned. If you knowingly make that decision, that is fine. But you always have me there to ensure you are keeping in line with your goals and objectives.  So many clients have considered me their best friend during the construction process for this very important valued service alone.

Matching Home and Neighborhood

Build with resale in mind. No matter how much you love the house that you are building, it’s unlikely that it will be the last home you will ever own. Knowing that, you should be mindful of its potential resale value. Have you ever heard the real estate lingo, "over built for the neighborhood?"  I see this often!  This is another area that I can assist you in.  Selecting the right plan, on the right lot and in the right neighborhood all go hand-in-hand and is a very important factor in the new construction process.  I will share market information for different neighborhoods, such as, what homes are selling for per foot, typical upgrades homes possess (you don't want to add so many upgrades that you overprice your home for the neighborhood), days on market and any and all other factors in determining the right neighborhood for your investment.  I will also share what type of home styles are high in demand.  I believe knowledge equals power and a lack of it can be financially harmful.  Therefore knowledge is crucial in determining your new construction project will be a successful one, now and in the future.

Design Functionality versus Resale Purposes

kitchen designAn experienced expert in your transaction will ensure that you build your house per your lifestyle specifications. However, as an-added value benefit, this expert will ensure that the specification that you change out of the norm will also be an easy-fix to turn the property back to "normal" when it comes to your time to sell. For example: Here in Jonesboro, AR it is almost expected to find at least 4 bedrooms in a house of at least 3,500 square feet. However, based on your lifestyle and preference, you might want to remove an adjacent bedroom to enlarge the bonus room because you have plans to make the bonus room in a "sports gameroom setting". You want a pool table in the middle with several tables and many more TV jacks to watch a wall of TV with 6 sports channels all at the same time. I would imagine that this sounds very cool to most guys. So, during the layout design process, I will help figure out a way to re-convert the enlarged gameroom back to its original 4th bedroom and locate the TV jacks in the original gameroom location, then discuss with the builder your future plans.  When you resell, you want to attract most "typical" buyers and most "typical" buyers in this square footage would expect 4 bedrooms.

As an experienced agent with new construction, I understand functionality that must suit your lifestyle and preference while watching over your design process for your resale purposes. Sometimes, this process can get carried away if you lack either an experienced agent or having none at all.

Some construction designs are not possible in the future, if you have not thought about it at first. Thus, during the interview process, if your experienced agent had thought about it for you first, will save you another costly move or costly improvement. For example: You may have a work-from-home business. When your business grows, there may be a possibility that you may invite some of your clients to your "office". If you had mentioned this to your experienced agent, he/she might make a suggestion to also add on an exterior access to your office instead of having your clients walk into your home, then to your office up in the 2nd level.

Set Construction Expectations

There is this term: Builder's optimism. Here in Jonesboro AR, it is common to say that the build time is approximately 120 days. However, if you would take the builder's word for it, and had plan to be in the house in about 120 days, there is a possibility that you may be in for a surprise. Not a very good surprise. In the Jonesboro new home construction, houses undergo several stages of inspection with the city. Each stage takes a few days and some longer. So, the 120 days could sometimes be 180 days or longer.

During the construction process, mistakes are inevitable just like any other process. Some mistakes are correctable, however, in my experience, because the builder is "lazy" to correct them, I have heard all sorts of reasons and excuses. There is a value associated in using a highly-experienced realtor, one who has overseen many home construction processes, more than the clients they serve. 

Blueprint Reading

Many buyers have no clue what to do with spaces if the property is vacant, let alone just by looking at blueprints. Blueprint reading is a skill that some agents have. Construction sometimes may be overlooked, and just by having an extra pair of eyes in this process can ensure costly mistakes are minimized.

Contract Negotiations and Contingencies

contractMany contingencies and contract negotiations can be set up to protect the buyer clients' interest in the home construction process. It must be written fairly to buyers. Here in Jonesboro AR, most builders use their own contracts, not the standard Arkansas Real Estate Commission promulgated contracts which are used only by real estate licensees. Like most contracts and addendums, it is written to protect the person who provided it, thus my experience can ensure that buyers receive fairness in the contracts, addendums and contingencies.  I also prepare an addendum to the new construction contract that lists all upgrades and features, throughout the home, to avoid the he/she said miscommunication.  This ensures both buyer and builder are on the same page and both understand and agree what all the home will and will not include for the price.

Some builders do not negotiate on price, some do. Work with an agent who knows who will and who wouldn't.


Time is precious and as buyers, your time is money. Instead of chasing your builder for re-pricing or getting back to you for answers, you can entrust this duty to your agent. Make your agent a real part of your construction process. I have seen many buyers who saw their agent for the last time when they sign the contract to purchase/build and not show up again until closing. Avoid this type of agent when building a new home.

Not all real estate agents are the same. Find one with new home construction process to your criteria. It will pay off both now and in the future.  To view my experience in new home construction, click here to see a video of just some of the new homes I was involved in selling.

 Other Valued Services For Your New Home Transaction

  • I recommend builders based on their reputation for delivering a high-quality product, responding quickly to issues, and being financially sound.
  • I am familiar with builder pricing and where there may be room to negotiate price or upgrades.  Without agent representation, you are one buyer purchasing only one home. My leverage may work in your favor at the negotiating table.
  • When relocating to a new area, I can be a particularly valuable resource. In addition to providing local area information regarding schools, neighborhood information, day care or elder care services, proposed development, and so on, I can periodically stop by the work site to supply you with updates, photographs and videos as the construction progresses.  Past clients relocating to Jonesboro and who live out-of-town during the construction process are always excited to receive photographs and videos of their new home going up.
  • I can assist you as you face so many design choices to determine which upgrades could potentially add value to the home when it comes time to sell.  I know which features have better resale value than others and which features are not upgradable once the house is constructed.  Hence, having a great resource during the pre-construction/ pre-design phase is essential to ensure that your home will meet your needs for a long time.
  • I will accompany you to the site during the framing, plumbing and electrical walk-through's prior to drywalling, as well as on the final walk-through and builder orientation.  I will prepare an addendum for punch-out items the builder needs to complete and assure they are completed in a timely manner. 

As you search for and purchase a newly built home, by now, you should be convinced of a real estate professional's value who is experienced in the new construction process.  Still, here's one more great reason to work with me, Sheila Conkling — the builder pays my professional fee.  Some people think the builder will pass along a real estate commission savings to you, the buyer.  That is false!  For example, if you're purchasing a new home in a subdivision where new homes are bringing $110 per foot, you're going to pay that price whether your builder pays an agent or not.  Every builder wants to keep up comps for each neighborhood they build in.  Therefore, you enjoy individual attention, service and support at no cost to you.  What a great way to start life in your new Jonesboro AR home!




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