what is home staging














 Staging is just another marketing tool but it can do great things 


     Attracts - Attracts a broader range of potential buyers 

     Sells - Sells more quickly 

     Earns - Earns a higher sales price 

     Shows - Shows better online, in print, showings & open houses 

     Enhances - Enhances selling features 


 The Three C's of Staging 



Clean - A clean home is a sold house. 

Clutter - You want your home to have the right balance so that you can show off the space, not the stuff.  Clutter eats  equity.  The more items you have in a room, the smaller it appears. 

Color - The atmosphere of a home is often dictated by its color scheme.  Too much color-or not enough-can affect how the potential buyer "feels" about the house. 



It's a not-so-extreme makeover, really.  Stagers rearrange and touch up the furnishings you already have - a pillow here, some cleanup there - making a surprising difference.  Sellers need to look at their own home with the same critical eye as the potential buyers do.

I'm sold on staging because it works.  I feel so strongly about staging in this market that when you list your home with me...staging is on me! 

fireplace before




Empty rooms don't always help sell a house. Although a furniture-free room looks spacious, some buyers would think this room is stark and austere.




staging after




Decorative details like an area rug and some furnishings can help make a room warm, welcoming and stylish.





Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns regarding "Home Staging" in the Jonesboro area.

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