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Architectural styles are plans where the exterior characteristics are influenced by the area of the world in which they originated. Architectural styles are influenced greatly by the materials indigenous to the region as well as the climate where they were created.  Below are typical home styles you will find in Jonesboro, AR.

The Colonial home plan style was born with our country … that’s why the original examples are found in limited areas along the East coast. Since its first revival around the mid 1800's, this house style has always been popular. The Colonial house plan tradition still thrives today.
Many who think of the Cottage house plan as simply a small lake cabin or petite bungalow might be surprised to learn that the Cottage look translates easily to more generous dimensions. Cottage style home plans, large and small, have been credited with giving America the covered front porch. The Cottage house plans we offer have the picturesque details and inviting comforts of America’s storybook love affair with this style. The Cottage house plan can be of many architectural styles like Craftsman, Farm house, Mountain, French, English, ect. Cottage house plans will usually be built with warm material finishes like cedar shake, stone, wood lap siding and solid wood beams as well as brick and stucco finishes.
Craftsman style house plans are some of the oldest in America. Craftsman house plans date back to the late 1800's and early 1900's. The Craftsman home plan evolved from the early Bungalow style and usually had low pitched roofs and wide overhangs. The Craftsman house plan got its tag from the Craftsmanship of the local carpenter. Many of the gingerbread details of the Craftsman style home were left up to the carpenter on the job who took great pride in what he was able to create. One of the most recognizable features of the Craftsman house plan is the tapered boxed columns commonly found on a very spacious covered front porch. The Craftsman home plan will often have stone accents and cedar shake siding and warm wood details both inside and out.
english countryEnglish Country
English Country house plans are in many ways similar to the French Country house plans. (see French Country below)  English Country home plans do not have the rafter tail kick that its counterpart has. The English Country house plan will feature more squared off windows, diamond shaped window panes and squared off openings along with the use of timbers, stone, and stucco elements. The English Tudor style will feature the use of half timbers for many of the exterior walls.
European house plans are not necessarily a specific style but consist of an array of European house styles born out of the many countries in Europe and deeply rooted in their "Old World" traditions. European houses may consist of styles with a French influence such as French Country, French Chateauesque, French Provincial or many other French eclectic styles. European house styles also include designs with Mediterranean and Tuscany influences. Also included are designs with English influences such as English Tudor, English Country, English Manor as well a number of other eclectic English styles. European style houses also include Italian, Italianate and Spanish influences. Most European houses have design characteristics that were greatly influenced by the climate as well as materials such as stone and stucco which were indigenous to the specific region in which they originated. European houses also have a broad range of roof slopes with the steeper slopes being used on European houses that are exposed to large amounts of snow fall and colder climates, while the Mediterranean style house typically would have a much shallower roof slope and wide overhangs to control the hot sun since they are located in a much warmer climate with little rainfall. European houses are sometimes referred to as "Old World" houses. European homes are very desirable in Jonesboro, AR.
farm house
Farm House
Farm House plans are plans you would typically see along the country side of america. Farm House plans frequentlt have long and deep front porches, many would have a porch that wrapped around the sides or maybe even the back of the home.
french countryFrench Country
French Country house plans or French Country home plans are often referred to as Country French house plans or French Eclectic house plans. Unlike their counterparts of French Chateauesque or French Provincial, the Country French house plan is usually a very asymmetrical house design with wandering floor plans and varying roof lines. French Country house plans typically have steeply pitched roofs and very modest eave details with little or no overhang. The French country home will often use lots of stone and brick finishes that blend in with the countryside. French Country house plans will commonly have arched window and opening shapes both inside and out providing a welcoming and casual feeling. The Country French home can be finished very formally with detailed fireplace mantels and trim or can be much more rustic depending on the taste of the individual home owner.  French Country homes are another desireable style in Jonesboro, AR.
Mediterranean home plans are a delightful contemporary choice in home planning – they answer many homeowner desires. A Mediterranean style home plan is pleasing to the eye … strongly influenced by Spanish and Italian motifs with time-honored elements, generally in stucco and brick … contrasting in an exotic way with a brightly-tiled, low-pitched roof.

Traditional house plans can be of many different styles. Most people think of Traditional house plans to be American Colonial or Georgian in nature. Traditional home plans are any house plan that has its design based on the traditional detailing of that particular style.  Although simple in design, a Traditional home can also be striking in its understated elegance, which appeals to many people. Borrowing from the Traditional house plans of the past and introducing the new products and life styles of today is what makes good Traditional house plans today.